Giveaway Winners!

Two winners have been notified!  I will be sending out books this week.  If you didn’t win, you can buy a copy from me via my website.  I sell the books for $11.50 (less than on Amazon!), and I inscribe them to you.  If you want to read it and write a review on Amazon or Goodreads, I will sell it to you half ($5.75 + shipping).  Just email me at

Thanks again for the positive feedback.  “To the Mom of a Nursing Toddler” has had over 100,000 shares and was picked up by Scary Mommy!  All of this is inspiring me to write more and share my writing more widely.

Happy Thanksgiving!

**The winners of the giveaway were notified last week, but I haven’t heard from them.  Dahlia and Krystal, please get in touch so I can get you your books.  Email me:**

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