Morph and Bloom (CW Books, 2013)

Praise for Morph and Bloom:

“Wendy Wisner reminds us that a family, like the earth, has its seasons. She grafts the joys and worries of motherhood to bloom and to decay—a landscape lit at once by ‘bourbon light’ and ‘margarine winter light.’  Familial love and a devotion to the natural world braid into a gaze that alights on astonishing imagery: ‘he sleeps in goddess pose / and smells like hay.’  These  poems are reflective, often searing. These poems blossom again and again into a ‘many-petaled’ splendor.”  —Eduardo C. Corral ”

‘Rescue me now’…someone is being saved, someone is being sought in Wendy Wisner’s Morph and Bloom, though it isn’t always clear who:  the mother, the sister, the grandfather, the infant.  Two generations of  childhoods are layered against one another, as—in all their danger, all their physicality, all their light and dark sublimity—the early years of her mothering are shown to us.  And there is absolutely no way to say it better than Wisner does—those years are spent ‘clinging to the waves of a different sea.’ ”  —Sarah Vap

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Review by Grace Cavalieri (Washington Review of Books)

Review by Kara Dorris (Lingerpost)

Review by Katherine Stutzman (Literary Mama)

Review by Kate Falvey (Bellevue Literary Review)

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Epicenter (CW Books, 2004)

Praise for Epicenter:

“Wendy Wisner’s assured first book finds at the core of family both unease and tenderness. Her best poems possess a strange interiority that makes them feel lit from within.” —Mark Doty

“I am thrilled and moved by Wendy Wisner’s Epicenter. I want to invent new words to herald the emergence of this wonderful young poet. She is delicate, but never dainty; she is exquisitely sensitive to the nuances of feeling that constitute our inner life, but never hermetic. These poems, one after the other, take my breath away and give breath back to me. What a great gift this book is.” —Jan Heller Levi

“It’s a compelling, confiding, sometimes awe-struck voice that speaks through these poems. A woman at moments of discovery, surprised at what she has found. These poems are tender and unwavering, erotic in the largest sense of the word — in love with the world, with pennies and record players, tablecloths, and cell-phone chargers. Lyrical, interior, grounded in the beauties and struggles of daily life, family life, Epicenter is a thrilling, heartbreaking first book of poems.” —Donna Masini

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Another Place of Rocking (Pudding House Press, 2010)

Another Place of Rocking is a sequence of prose poems about growing up on Martha’s Vineyard with hippie-activist parents.

Read some sample poems here:

from Green Hills Literary Lantern

from Verse Daily

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