Why I post pictures of my children breastfeeding


I love to take pictures of my children. I share them with family and friends on Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes I share them on my blog, if they fit a post. In some of them, my children are running and playing. In others, they are sleeping (I love watching them sleep, after they’ve finally fallen asleep!). In some of the pictures, my younger son is nursing.

Some have expressed surprise that I post the breastfeeding pictures publicly. There are a few reasons why I do it, often without a moment’s thought.

Breastfeeding—like so many aspects of parenting—is wondrous and fleeting. It’s something I want to savor, remember, and share. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of nursing a child, looking down at him looking up at you, you’ll know what I mean. It’s pure peacefulness, a milk-drunk smile, a love-struck gaze between the two of you.

I am not concerned about my children growing up and feeling unhappy about pictures of themselves breastfeeding being out in the world. My children have grown up thinking breastfeeding is normal. It’s not something to gawk at or look away from. It’s just something we do, like playing Legos on the carpet, reading books, kissing boo-boos. Would a child who saw a picture of himself drinking from a bottle feel uncomfortable? I was raised to feel comfortable with images of babies breastfeeding—including the many photos that my mother took of my sister and me—and I believe I am instilling that same comfort in my own children.

But it’s bigger than own my life: I share the breastfeeding pictures to make it normal to others, to contribute to a needed change in how we view breastfeeding in this country.

So thrilled to have this piece in The Washington Post. Click here to read the full article.


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8 thoughts on “Why I post pictures of my children breastfeeding

  1. Like Real Life

    My daughter, who is three and sees me feed her little brother all the time now likes to pretend to breastfeed her dollies and teddies. At first I found it a bit weird but now I am quite pleased that it is so normal to her. I wish it were a more common sight in public, that way I wouldn’t feel as conscious when I feed in public.


  2. machinegunmama

    I had to giggle at the thought of someone being uncomfortable seeing a picture of themselves drinking a bottle, too funny.


  3. anikaerin

    I love this too! My littlest of my five littles is still nursing and she is the only one I’ve taken breastfeeding photos of. I’m not sure why I didn’t before – there could be a variety of reasons – but this time around, because she could well be my last baby, I really wanted to savour the specialness of it.


  4. Anna C Corry

    My milk stopped when my little girl was 16months as I was expecting again and totally wasn’t ready to stop. Now weeks away from my second baby and I just can’t wait to feed, connect, gaze and be one with my little baby though I can’t help but feel pangs of guilt to my eldest. Love your posts xx



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