Recent Publications

This January, I made a short list of publications I’d love to have my work featured in, and I am happy to report some success. I am not only thrilled to see my work share a larger audience, but I am humbled to share space with so many amazing writers. I have been just floored lately by the honest, reflective, searing, beautiful writing by other women/mother writers. So here they are my Huffington Post, Mamalode, and Brain, Child Magazine debuts. You have probably heard of Huffington Post — they publish many of the writers I admire! Brain, Child Magazine and Mamalode seem to consistently publish stuff that get right to the heart of parenting. So happy to be in these places! Check them out, and please share if you are so inclined.

Mama, Open Up Your Hand, via Huffington Post

To My Son, Turning 8 via Brain, Child Magazine

In Winter, via Mamalode

4 thoughts on “Recent Publications

  1. Jessica Dimas

    Wendy, I keep seeing you everywhere!! On Scary Mommy, from other bloggers sharing your work in their posts…I’m in love with your writing and so glad we crossed paths!



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