We Moved!

I have been absent from this space for a while….we moved!


After months of indecision (where to move, whether we could make the financial leap, and whether it was quite the right time ), we decided to put the apartment on the market again and find a new place. The apartment sold quite easily, and a beautiful new place kind of fell into our laps. The process was not exactly fun, and was certainly not stress-free, but now that it’s done, we are all so happy.

At about 900-1000 square feet, it is certainly not a mansion, but compared to our old apartment, it’s huge. The biggest perk has been the patio and shared yard. My kids just love being able to go outside easily and I love bring able to come back for snacks, drinks whenever we want. I didn’t know how lovely this would be till it became a part of my life.



We have always lived a modest, humble life. We are very frugal by nature and don’t live beyond our means. We are renting our new place (it’s part of a multi-family house), whereas we owned the little apartment. There is some guilt in me over the fact that after selling the apartment, we lost a ton of money, and will not be able to buy another property for a bunch more years.

But this process has taught me to let go a little when it comes to money, and to understand that one’s visions of the future must be malleable. The housing crash was to blame for our loss on the apartment. It’s not my fault! Life is long. We will own a home someday, even if it’s quite a few years from now. And for now we have a wonderful home and will be happy here for many years to come.

It was a little sad to say goodbye to the old apartment. Both of my children were born there! Both spent their earliest years there. It’s almost fitting that both births and babyhoods happened in that tiny, intimate space. It was like a nest.

The dining room, where my first son was born, in a pool of water.


The bedroom, where my second son was born (in bed).


Of course, despite the fact that we have gone from one bedroom to three bedrooms, both kids still want to sleep in our room. The big boy also has a bed in his room. But we don’t mind having them close for as long as they like. Don’t you like our warm, cozy family bed?



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